Why Outpost is Better



You don't have time to waste, so we built Outpost to match startups with relevant investors.



Matched investors review a truncated deck (we call it an Outpost). It's the quickest way for an investor to decide whether they'd like to meet.



When an investor decides to meet we send out an introduction connecting both parties to each other. You take it from there.

Only What Matters.

An Outpost is a templated 7 slide deck that includes only the stuff investors need to see to decide whether they'll want to talk.

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For Startups


Get seen by those that can make a difference
No more bespoke emails
Quickly know who's in & who's out
Set goals & track your progress

Send your Outpost to the
investors that matter

Rather than sending your investor deck and template email to all the investors you can think of, send your Outpost to the ones that can make the difference.

Remove the Middlemen

Rather than calling in favors and socially begging for intros, our platform allows you to send your Outpost directly to the investors you choose.

Your Outpost is your
new intro

We've consolidated the standard pitch deck into a 7 slide teaser. This allows investors to quickly and efficiently decide if they're interested in talking.

For Investors


See deals that only fit your investment thesis
Keep the conversation out of your inbox
A "No" means "No"
Easily share deals with partners & co-investors

Choose the startups
you want to talk to

Based on your investment thesis, region, verticals and more, talk to the startups that you want to.

Be in the "Know"

Discover the hottest startups that everyone is talking to or find the hidden gem earlier than everyone else.

Standard format for all
your dealflow

Quickly and confidentially get all the key information you need about a startup such as their revenue, raise, lead investor and more.

For Startups

is Everything.

Select and send your Outpost to the investors that are most relevant to your company. It's the most efficient way to get a meeting.

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For Investors

Swipe your
way to a deal.

Discover and receive deals that fit your thesis. With Outpost it's the cleanest way to choose the startups you want to talk to.

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